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young living compensation plan explained

Young Living Compensation Plan explained

The compensation plan will help you understand the potential gain that can be achieved by becoming a member of Young Living and you will understand why most fail.

Who is eligible to earn commission ?

Among the Young Living membership, you have two categories:

  • Preferred customers ( no eligible)
  • Young Living Business Builders (eligible)

First of all to hope to earn any commission you must absolutely order products from Young Living and reach 100PV. (By searching for a long time on their site I can't tell you how many dollars corresponds to 100 PV!!!)

More details are to find in their file compensation plan PDF or watch the explanation in this video below 

Build your team to earn more commission..!

The more invested you are in your Young Living career, the more you advances, the more you will earn income. Similarly like many MLM companies as Visalus4Life, or Modere for example, your main priority is to build a team, that is to say, recruit people, in order to increase your income.

When achieving your goals in recruitment, the Young Living compensation plan promises different kind of bonuses according to your results.

However, like many other MLM companies, even Young Living, you have to reach a certain amount of points to get commissions. Therefore, you have to purchase the Young Living products.

How to earn money with Young Living?

Being a member of Young Living is not enough to be able to earn money. You really need to recruit people to achieve the objectives requested by Young Living. Without recruitment, you won't develop your Young Living business and that's why many people fail at Young Living.

In the first part of the Young Living compensation plan, if you want to earn your first commission, it is mandatory for you to reach 100PV. Then, to reach the "Star" position, you will have to make 500 additional PV's (check the OGV line).

How to become a Star member at Young Living?

According to the Young Living compensation plan definition, OGV means "The monthly volume of your entire organization". In this case here Organization means your team. Young Living wants you to reach the 500PV's in addition through the team you should have recruited.

Young Living compensation plan of the Star Team

Young Living compensation plan of the Star Team

This clearly means that if you do not recruit people, you won't have any commission! 

Is Young Living a Pyramide scheme ?

When you recruit new people, they have to buy the starter kit. This way, you will collect a certain number of PV and you will be eligible to commissions according to your position in the business. If the people you have recruited are not making any sales from their starter kit, the system can be compared to a pyramid scheme.

So, the Young Living compensation plan really requires to recruit in order to reach ones objectives, and this is exactly where the "problem" is.

If you look for a clear definition of a pyramid scheme, you will read the following: "A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal. In that way, earning money through recruitment clearly goes against the law.

In this Young Living review, you will read more information regarding lawsuits. In April 2019, the Federal Court of Texas discovered a huge pyramid scheme in the Young Living business.

See more : Young Living income disclosure statement 2019, what you will really earn!

To conclude

Young Living is one of the top network marketing companies based in Utah, ​​part of the MLM businesses that made the biggest revenue in 2018, with more than $1,9 B. Honestly, it is difficult to imagine the business made such an amount in revenue only with recruitment, rather than sales of some distributors. People does work for the company and make sales though, which should obviously contribute to Young Living's success.

Finally, I would say that the way Young Living works, and even other MLM businesses, is very common. It is clearly impossible for the FTC to look after each distributor to see how he or she is dealing with the business.

Young Living Compensation Plan – Latest 2019 information

Young Living Compensation Plan explainedThe compensation plan will help you understand the potential gain that can be achieved by becoming a member of Youn

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