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17 Online Jobs To Make Money At Home Without Investment 

Nowadays finding a job online at home without investing money and registration fees is possible. We have selected the best ways for you to succeed in your new online job from home or everywhere.

This list is for everyone, whether you are a mom looking for an online job at home to look after your children, a student looking for some pocket money or a retiree looking for a part-time job, earn money from home is easier when you know where to go and we can help you with that.

17 Online Jobs To Make Money At Home Without Investment

How to get online jobs at home without investment?

Getting a job online can be done in a few clicks on google today, but it's hard to know what's behind all these business opportunities without being scammed. And most importantly, no one tells you how long it will take to earn money online.

Working online without spending money is really possible but keep in mind that it is difficult to find an online job that makes a lot of money by working a few minutes a day. If you don't invest money, it's very likely that you will invest much more in time.

Some online jobs require experience, sometimes a lot of learning time, without knowing how much you will earn at the end of the month. Our online job list will help you make the right choices.

Quick ways to make money Fast 

This list below shows that it is possible to find a job online without any particular skills. Depending on your investment, you can earn about $3-$5 dollars an hour. Ideal when you have some free time or if you want to supplement your income.

Most of these tasks are time-consuming but can sometimes be fun, keep in mind that it is difficult to do more than $1000 a month with these online jobs.

1. Earn money Online by taking surveys

Paid: $ 500 & $1000 per Month

Surveys are certainly the best way to make a little money online because companies pay a lot to know your opinion in order to better market their product. 

By multiplying the survey sites, you can earn between $500 and $1000. Here are the legitimate surveys sites that pay cash and where you can really save money without wasting your time. But first we recommend Survey Junkie.

How Survey Junkie works : 

  • Take surveys : Build your profile in 2 minutes and we'll match you to surveys.
  • Earn Rewards : Complete surveys and
    earn virtual points.
  • Get Paid : Transform your virtual points to cash (
    PayPal or e-Giftcards).

Others Survey sites that we recommend : 

2. Earn money by clicking ads

Paid: $3-$4 per hour

If you can click on a button, you have all the skills required to make money by clicking on ads, click payment is also called pay per click or PTC, the objective is to click on an ad, and sometimes to fill out a Captcha. Easy, isn't it?

It is certainly the easiest way to earn money from home, but it is obvious that it will not make you become a rich person. Count a few cents per click. We recommend the platforms that pay the most like Neobux. 

Neobux is the site that pays the best of all PTC sites. But the payment is ONLY $0.001 to $0.01 per ad click. (Yes, that's 1/10th of a penny). It feels like a dream...!
But you can do small tasks to increase your earnings.

How Neobux works : 

  • Watch advertising
  • Clic on the ad
  • Earn money

Others PTC sites that we recommend : 

3. Earn Money Online by Surfing on the Web

Paid: less than $1 per hour

We do daily searches on the web. It is now possible to earn money with search engines. Very easy and pretty cool.

We recommend 2 legitimate sites to earn money by surfing on the web. The first one is called Swagbucks, certainly the one who pays you the most. With each search you accumulate SBs that you can transform into dollars on paypal.

The second is Microsoft Reward, based on the same principle as Swagbucks, you earn points that you redeem with a gift card or cash on Paypal. For more information you can read our review on Microsoft Rewards.

How Swagbucks works :

  • Search the web with Swagbutton
  • Taking surveys
  • Watch videos 
  • Download app & shop online

Others sites that we recommend to earn money by surfing the web : 

  • InboxDollars
  • Qmee

4. Earn money by watching video

Paid: less 1$ per hour

One of the most popular ways to make money without any expertise is to watch videos. You can do this on mobile and desktop by logging for free at ( New users also receive $5 just for joining).

Access daily cash video on the inboxdollars site and watch videos that match your interests. The more videos you watch, the more reward you receive (earning potential $0.01 per video watched)

Similar to Swagbucks, you can access surveys, online games or read emails to increase your profits.

How Inboxdollars works :

  • $5 registration bonus for new users.
  • Get 0.01$ per video view
  • Get $0.15 for each 4 qualified searchesDownload app & shop online
  • ​Get $0.05 for every 4 or more searches you perform in a week.

Others sites that we recommend to earn money by watching video : 

  • Swagbucks

See also : Inboxdollars support  

5. Earn money by playing games

Paid: $10 & $100 per hour

Nowadays video games have become so important in everyone's life that the budget allocated to games by shops has exceeded that of cinema. 

And to continue to sell more and more games, part of this budget is used to pay players because the industry needs video game testers to know their opinion. 

If you are a fan of game console, mobile application or computer, you can earn money by playing in two ways:

First, by playing regularly on gaming platforms and earning points or gift cards that can be exchanged for money. Their services are totally free and a Paypal account is enough to get your money back.

Top 3 of the best platforms to play:

Secondly, by becoming a video game tester and getting paid for it.

You can expect $10 to $100 per hour.

According to Gamasutra's salary survey, the average annual salary of a tester is approximately $54,833.

Top 4 platforms to become a video game tester

See also :

Earn money online as Freelancer

Here are the Top Most Common Online Freelance Jobs:

6. Freelance Writer

Paid: $ per hour

If you don't like to sell products at all, but instead you're quite good in writing, then you can earn money online without investment by becoming a Freelance writer. The main purpose is to write a lot and earn money.

How does the Freelance writers make money?

The main task obviously is to write text, (articles, books, pdf, blogposts) on different matters. The best thing is to specify which domains you are good in, in order to write high quality texts.

There are several possibilities, but the best way to find a job as a writer is to subscribe on Freelance platforms and offer your services.

Here you'll find some of these platforms where you can subscribe:,,,

How much does a Freelance writer make? 

It is possible to make lots of money like Holly Jonhson who's earning more than $200 000 per year.

7. Social Media Manager

Paid: $ per hour

Nowadays, social networks are essential to develop your online business, if you have one.
Social network managers are responsible for managing the content of different pages such as facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Their objectives are to acquire as many prospects as possible who adhere to the brand, to obtain traffic and to create trust with the company.

This online job is a flexible job because it allows you to work from home. You can earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per month, depending on the number of clients you work with.

The best platform to apply is by far Upwork, check it out here :

8. Virtual Assistant

Paid: $25-$100 per hour

The main feature of a virtual assistant job is to work outside the office. A virtual assistant supports its employer through different tasks.

Here you'll find some example of tasks a virtual assistant could do: 

  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Travel arrangements
  • File and document organization
  • Email monitoring and organizing
  • Answering and directing calls
  • Billing and accounting activities
  • Writing and maintaining records
  • Vetting potential clients, projects, partnerships, etc.
  • Maintaining or updating a client’s social media or professional profile

Virtual assistants have good skills in communication, are well organized, and does also master computer tools.

The earning potential of a virtual assistant can go from $25 up to $100 according the sector he/she's in.

9. Proofreader

Paid: $17,50 per hour

If you're often paying attention to mistakes in texts you are reading or blog articles, becoming an online proofreader can be a job for you.

How does Proofreaders make money?

The main purpose is obviously to re-read a text and make sure there is no single mistake in it. Each paragraph should be written perfectly, in good english with correct punctuation marks.

You can be tested at the very beginning, in order to confirm your skills, but you can find an online job though with, or wordvice.

How much do Proofreaders earn ?

According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, the average salary in 2018 was about $39.140 for a full-time work.

Moreover, according to Caitlin Pyle who started with this online job, the earning potential can go up to +43K per year. You're paid for each page that is verified, which means $0,35.

To give you a concrete idea, most proofreaders read up to 50 pages per hour, which would represent $17,50 per hour.

This kind of jobs requires to stay really focus and concentrated on the text you are reading.

10. Graphic Designer

Paid: $5 & $300 per hour

If art, drawing or both are part of your skills, it would be wise to acquire skills in Adobe creative suite, photoshop or other graphic design software.

Many web designers earn between $5 and $300 per hour to design logos, images or compatible designs on the web.

Numerous platforms such as, or, allow you to find work in this field.

And if you want to create an online business, I strongly recommend that you create your own print on demand shop through

You can insert your drawings on different supports such as t-shirts, mugs or boards and then sell them through your shop, in just a few minutes. 

11. Transcribe

Paid: $ per hour

If you like flexibility and earning money at the same time, transcription can be a real opportunity to make money online. It is not necessary to have a degree, however a little experience can help you being more efficient (home transcription jobs).

How does Transcribers make money?

First of all, you'll need a headphone and a foot pedal. Then, you'll need to find companies hiring transcribers (even unexperienced). We recommend, or

How much do transcribers earn ?

You can get paid in 2 ways: per hour or per minute. Moreover, it can be paid much more if the audio file is difficult to understand. This will depend on the quality of the audio file.

12. Virtual Receptionist

Paid: $10 per hour

If you like to answer the phone, we suggest you work with It is a company that recruits virtual receptionists. operates Monday to Friday from 5am to 6pm PST / 8am to 9pm EST. You must be available 4 hours a day, 5 days a week (as much as possible).

Starts at $10 per hour, with raises based on performance and longevity with the company.

Benefits include:

Medical, dental, and vision insurance
Withdrawal of plans
Cash bonuses
Weekly pay review

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13. Online Teaching

Paid: $ per hour

There is currently a high demand on online teaching at home. There are a lot of teaching platforms on the Internet, that you can access very quickly. All the courses are provided by experienced people.

How does Teachers make money, and how much do they earn?

Teachers are qualified people, providing courses to students. The earning potential will depend of their experience and degree.Here you'll find some example of platforms : EF teach, Gofluent

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14. Online Tutoring

Paid: $10-$75 per hour

Online Tutoring is a popular way also to make money. It can be an alternative to online teaching as there is no requirements of having degrees.

How does Tutors make money, and how much do they earn?

An online tutor doesn't have necessary a master's degree or bachelor's degree. However, he made his experience through different tasks via the platforms. He can charge between $10 and $75 per hour according the subject he is teaching.

Here you'll find some example of platforms :,, Class of 1

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15. Online Moderators

Paid: $8 and $17 per hour

If you are interested in forum management, social network management for a company. We recommend that you visit You will find many job offers that pay you between $14 and $17 an hour. Experience in the communication and social networking sector is required.

For those with less experience you can go to which pays about $8 an hour.

16. Start a business online

Paid: $ per hour

Start a blog today is one of the easiest ways to start a business online without money. It can sound difficult for beginners, but get reassured, the blog you are reading now has been set up in less than 5 minutes.

Indeed, tools and marketing resources enables you to make money online faster than a few years ago. But before finding online passive income opportunities, keep in mind you are about to create a real online business.

How to create a blog to make money online :

Step 1 : Choose a Blog Topic That Actually Make Money

Step 2 : Set up your blog in less than 5 minutes (check video)

Step 3 : Understanding How to Make Money Online

Step 4 : Learn how to get free traffic 

Recommendation : I highly recommend you to follow this free Wealthy Affiliate course to create your website. You will be able to access one of the biggest online community that can help you in your first steps. Thousands of people willing to do the same thing, willing to reach the same purpose, willing to share experience in setting up an online business. Joining them is the best advice I can give you right now.

17. Virtual Bookkeeper

Paid: $50 per hour

A virtual bookkeeper is an accountant who works online. He actually does the same tasks as a normal accountant in a company, but the main difference is that a virtual accountant works outside the company with specific online tools.

How does bookkeepers make money online?

It is not requested for a bookkeeper to have a master's degree or graduation, like any other accountant (CPA= Certified Public Accountant). Nevertheless, the tasks expected from a virtual bookkeeper require some knowledge in finance and commercial transactions. A virtual bookkeeper should also be well-organized, have IT skills, and communicate correctly.

How much does a bookkeeper make?

Accountant generally make $50 per hour with an independent status. Most of the time, they are hired through platforms dedicated to accountants, of which you'll find a list below:

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work online and get paid1 300/mo - $0.48 - 0.73

online jobs for students33 100/mo - $0.33 - 0.7

online jobs work from home33 100/mo - $0.72 - 0.74

online home jobs copy paste480/mo - $0.13 - 0.69

earn money from google3 600/mo - $0.47 - 0.64

earn money online free and fast

13. Customer Service

14. Search Engine/Social Media Evaluator

12. Sign up for Research Studies – Up to $400 per study

13. Earn $75 or more as an UpVoice Panelist

17. Get paid taking pictures from your Phone

18. Video Royalties

19. Create a Course

20. Digital Downloads

21. Merch on Amazon

22. Youtube

online jobs for students

free online jobs at home without investment

work online for google2 900/mo - $0.21 - 0.66

Online Jobs at Home without investment

17 Online Jobs To Make Money At Home Without Investment Nowadays finding a job online at home without investing money and registration fees is possible. We

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