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Is Nu Skin A scam

Is Nu Skin A scam ? "opportunity of a lifetime"​​​​​​

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to find seemingly easy ways to make money. But hidden between these genuine opportunities to make some extra cash, there are also scams.

There are hundreds of schemes that deprive innocent and hardworking people of their daily livings. This makes it difficult to separate the grain from the chaff. This is no exception when it comes to multilevel marketing, otherwise known as MLM.

Like most other multilevel marketing industries, the business model is not perfect and can easily become just another Ponzi scheme. But we’re not going to dive into the intricate details of every multilevel marketing company.

We’re going to streamline this article to one. If you’re interested in knowing if the products offered by NuSkin are legitimate or not, keep reading as we’ll answer the question ‘is NuSkin a scam?’

What is Nu Skin MLM company?

There’s a famous saying that goes, do not invest in anything you don’t understand. So what exactly is NuSkin all about and why should or shouldn’t you invest your time and money with them?

Nuskin is an American public Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry that specializes in the production and sale of personal skin care products.

As a global enterprise that develops personal products as well as dietary pills and vitamin supplements through their acquired company Pharmanex, Nuskin draws annual revenue worth billions.

But like most other MLM industries, most of its revenue is derived from drawing people into its chain more than the actual sale of its products.

This is not to say that they don’t make a lot of money from their products, as some of their most popular products include anti-aging agents, which is currently a huge market.

However, reviews of their products vary from ‘highly recommended with amazing results’ to ‘absolute trash’ and ‘a total waste of money.’ Despite variations in their reviews, which suggest a subpar nature of their products, the industry continues to grow, perhaps because of the business model put in place.

Nu Skin’s business model

The business model operates similar to that of every other multilevel marketing operation. Distributors are expected to sell not only NuSkin products but also recruit other distributors to create a kind of ladder, which can be likened to that of a Ponzi scheme.

A certain fee is paid to set up as a distributor, but then that money has to go somewhere right. Distributors are then paid based on the number of direct sales they make, the indirect sales made by the distributors they recruited and the quota they meet.

How much can you earn with Nu Skin

Despite this, the average distributor makes about $100 per day, which isn’t a lot considering only 4% of their distributors make more than that. So when you consider the fact that the industry is worth several hundred million, if not a few billions, it’s plain to see while some people are raking in cash, and others are losing money.

So while it’s possible to become a significant player in this industry and make a lot of money, the reality is the chances are incredibly slim, and you’re more likely to make a few extra bucks on the side to supplement an already existing job, and that’s if you don’t lose money through product package costs, automatic delivery programs and several other costs incurred by being a distributor. 

This means as lucrative as the opportunity may sound, it still has a meager success rate so thread carefully and at your own risk.

Income disclosure of Nu Skin

According to the income disclosure, the average sale compensation paid to US was $151.34 each month.

Nus skin average sales compensation paid to US

Nus skin average sales compensation paid to US

Nu Skin controversy

It’s rather interesting that despite the handful of times NuSkin has had problems with the law, they are still functional and relevant today.

Their cases go as far back as the 1990s, barely a decade into their inception and most recently into the year 2016, with the company reaching a settlement that cost them the whopping sum of $47 million for operating a pyramid scheme in China.

Other charges include bribery, false advertising, and fabricated income earnings. Remember, you stand the chance of losing time and money if you do decide to tango with NuSkin after going through their track record.

In their defense, by running an MLM business model, the screening for their distributors isn’t extensive, and their products can be manipulated, and their effects falsified by distributors trying to cash out quickly.

But why become a Nu Skin distributor in the first place?

But why become a Nu Skin distributor in the first place?

It might sound ludicrous to you as to why anyone would sign up to be a distributor for Nuskin even after doing their research and finding out about the very problematic history of Nuskin. But the company does have a couple of perks.

For one thing, they have a generation compensation plan which allows distributors to get as high as 25% off their products and still earn a percentage of sales made by distributors they recruited.

But then getting a discount on their products can only be a plus if they work, and considering they have had to settle for deceptive merchandises in the past, the generous discount is still a bit of a gamble.

Another point would be that despite several settlements and lawsuits, they have persevered and outlived several other similar MLM opportunities.

As a company that has been around for longer than 30 years and that has had reason to keep their lawyers busy for the better part of two decades, they are incredibly resilient and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

So is NuSkin a scam or not?

It’s tough to tell, and honestly more a subject of personal opinion.

As a customer, with so many varying reviews, it can be a gamble buying their products, especially considering they are a bit on the high side.

But then, that could easily be a factor subject to peculiar distributors. As a distributor, it can be rewarding but also subject to luck in terms of personal compensation.

Either ways, because of its low rate of success, it’s advisable to consider it nothing more than an extra source of income to be on the safe side.

Want to learn more about another similar MLM company? check out this review about ViSalus.

You have to question yourself about what your main purpose is and I might have the answer to your question.

How we make money online?

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? It may be a serious path you have to consider.

The system does not require to recruit people at all to make money, and you will have the freedom to promote any product you want without being restricted to only promote the products from the same MLM company.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online.

You may not recognize yourself in the paragraphs above, then you better choose an opportunity that fits better to your profile.

If you are seeking for a successful business to build, where you are able to promote anything you want without testing products nor recruit people, including a great earning potential, I’d rather recommend you Affiliate marketing. 

Reasons are in fact quite simple:

  • You’re free to promote the products or services you want
  • No obligation at all to test any product
  • Affiliate Marketing is totally free
  • You earn real money

If you are interested in creating a real business online, discover the easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

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Is Nu Skin a scam ? Nus Skin Review 2019

Is Nu Skin A scam ? "opportunity of a lifetime"​​​​​​ In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to find seemingly easy ways to make money. But hidden between the

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