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E-rewards Review

Is e-Rewards legit? Discover what people doesn't tell you about it

Hi and welcome on our e-Rewards 2019 review! Today, we are going to answer the question is e-Rewards legit?

Thanks for reaching this page! probabilities are high that someone told you about a nice job opportunity with e-Rewards.

Your question at this point may be is e-Rewards a scam or just another Survey system like many others? If you go through this review, you will be able to read our clear answer about it.

First, let me start by saying I’m not associated or even working with e-Rewards.

I’m just willing to give you an objective opinion on the business opportunity that e-Rewards may be, and try to help you find the best way for you to make money online.

My goal is to try to help you find a legitimate way to make money online as we did!

e-Rewards Program Overview

CEO : Kurt Knapton

Product Type :  Survey

Legit : Yes 

Start Price : Free

Level of difficulty : easy but low earning potential and waste of time

Founder : Thomas and Leslie D. Mower

Product Type :  MLM

Legit : Yes 

Price : $ 399.98

Level of difficulty : High, Overpopulated, Little earning potential

Recommended : No


What is e-Rewards ?

e-Rewards is a survey system that enables to be rewarded by huge international companies only by giving your opinion. 

In the modern society, it’s normal to find people using online services in their daily lives.

One of the reasons why we get glued over screens is through trying to make an additional coin to make a living for example through conducting paid surveys.
You will notice that everything is available online so we rely heavily on internet for almost all our needs.
Thanks to the information providers like e-Rewards Inc., who collect data and make it available online for users at just a click of a button.
Focusing on e-rewards, it’s an opinion gathering panel employed by different companies and brands to get people share their views about products and services by conducting online surveys.

It contributes widely for market research.

Story of e-Rewards company:

The history of e-Rewards dates back in 1999 when it was founded in United States, Texas.

The site was changed to a group known as Research Now in the year 2009. It’s headquarters is at Plano, Texas. It’s Chief Executive Officer is Kurt Knapton.

He was appointed by the board of directors in September, 26, 2011 after resignation of Chris Havemann.

He has unique experience, knowledge and passion for the industry and business. He carries the company forward since then.

How does e-Rewards work ?

The panel records its member's history to obtain information about their purchasing behavior.

It also creates surveys for their users to get responses from their broad-based consumers. With the data, they’re able to conduct research on market changes and make decisions on world trends.

The company searches information from users of mobile electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.

They offer their members surveys and use the information as a source for panel tastes. 

What is a Survey?

The survey is a series of questions that give you the opportunity to give your honest opinion on the various topics proposed to you. This may involve products or services.

How do I join e-Rewards?

To register on e-Rewards, it is imperative to be invited by one of their partners by providing a valid email address. Registration is free and reserved for people over 13 years residing in the United States. To see the e-Rewards partners list you must access the Rewards Centers.

If you do not receive an invitation you can access other free surveys such as SwagBuck or SurveyJunkie.

How do I contact e rewards?

To contact e-rewards, you can complete the form here 

Reward Center

More information Here :

Customer reviews on e-Rewards.

All users seem to be satisfied with the e-Rewards site according to You will find hundreds of reviews there. What you notice in most survey sites is that if you are not qualified to complete the survey, then you will return to the home page. It will be a waste of time answering the first questions and you won't earn anything at all!!

E-rewards review trustpilot 1
E-rewards review trustpilot

How To Earn Money With e-Rewards?

Earning with e-Rewards opinion panel.

You can only earn from the panel once you satisfactorily finish-up a survey study.

Your payment is made in the panel in form of currency which is virtual or not real once you complete a survey.

But you have to exchange the currency with gift cards on attaining minimum redemption amount of $60. Now let’s look at the processes of earning money with e-Rewards.

There are two steps on how you make an extra coin with the opinion panel as outlined below.

Step one :  To begin you have to sign-up on the platform of e-Rewards freely but only through invitation by the partners. The partners send their customers or people the invitations through emails to join. If you can't access an invitation, you have to find the site’s partners and ask them to send you an invitation. 

Step two :  After you become a member, you start answering up survey questions and once you complete it, you redeem the virtual currency into gift cards on reaching the least required points for redemption (check out the video below).

How much can you earn with e-Rewards?

It’s difficult to know how much you can earn with this website because it will depend on your efforts. But according to the review below, you may earn $25 for 75 points that are accumulated (even if the person's account have been suspended...).

By accessing the reward center, you can find out what e-Rewards partners are earning.

Potential gain with E-rewards

What Are The Pros & Cons of e-Rewards?

Pros of e-Rewards

After learning about e-Rewards opinion panel, I can discuss some of its advantages with you. e-Rewards opinion panel offers higher payments to their clients than other survey sites.

Some users have confirmed obtaining up to $13 per survey. This is commendable because it’s highly rare and above the industry standard.

It’s also good to note that you don’t have to pay anything to become a member. So no worry over whether you are going to invest your money only for it to get derailed in case it is a scam.

It’s a market research panel that allows you to offer studies in form of surveys that helps them offer useful information about consumers’ habits and opinions to the companies they work with. e-Rewards is useful in our society because it’s promoting financially the lives of its participants.

It’s also a useful aide to the business world whereby they are able to offer better products and services to the citizens.

Their gift cards are normally highly valued, and above what other similar survey companies can offer.

Cons of e-Rewards

One problem with e-Rewards is that you can’t become a member without being invited.

So in case you want to give it a trial, you have to search for the partners and ask them for an invitation.

Though it might not be easy, it's also not impressing that the panel does not offer an option to redeem cash earned directly unless you exchange your currency with gift cards.

So you get a card that is less worth the money that you actually had in the site's account.

This implies that the panel is very selective of who can be their member. It’s not an open site to all. Still the cash that you earn on site is not real meaning they somehow truncates your earnings. On redemption you finally receive much less earnings.

It is offering services to the members of public area. It evidently pays well and it's recognizable globally as a good research panel.

No controversies associated except some complaints from people about the panelists not responding to the inquiries among others but I hope they are temporary problems.

To Conclude: Is e-Rewards legit?

As a conclusion, is e-Rewards legit?

Concerning the legitimacy of this research panel, let me confidently say that the site is legitimate because since its formation, there has been no fraudulent case or disappearance from the web that has been reported.

Finally, I would say that despite the fact it looks quite easy, the system offers very low earning potential, which would lead also to a (almost) complete waste of your time. 

Don't forget also that it is mandatory to be invited to be able to start surveys. To my mind, it is not worth the effort if there is a risk to get your account suspended like some members, without reason.

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