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Is Arbonne a scam?

Is Arbonne a scam? The Answer in this Arbonne Review

Hi and welcome to today’s review on the Arbonne business!

Hi and welcome on our Arbonne 2019 review! Today, we are going to answer the question Is Arbonne a scam or is it a legit business?

Let me guess! you’ve always dreamed of tons of personal skincare products and cosmetics, a healthy living inside and out … and earn money easily at the same time?! 

Well guys, you are at the right place!

It is now time to talk about beauty, health, nutrition, and most importantly make easy revenue! Read the below about Arbonne!

Let me first start by saying I’m not associated nor I’m involved with anybody that would be part of the Arbonne program. My only goal is to give you some objective information on the Arbonne business and even give you some general advice. 

There are great chances you will find positive points, but even more bad ones regarding the Arbonne business, that has been set up in 1975.

Let’s dig into it right now guys!


Is Arbonne legitimate?

Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

Can you make money with Arbonne?

How much does Arbonne membership cost?

Can you cancel Arbonne membership?

What is Arbonne?

Who started Arbonne?

What does Arbonne sell?

What is Arbonne MLM company?

Arbonne is an international MLM company selling botanically based beauty, personal care and nutrition products, cosmetics and vegan skincare. 

Like many other MLM companies, Arbonne focuses on selling the products to get commissions as well as recruiting new members to build a downline and earn bonuses. But we will dive further in these specific details below in this review...

The products are sold via home-based businesses owned and operated by Arbonne distributors.

This all sounds quite good, but “stay tuned”, seems an ugly truth may exist on the Arbonne business. Indeed, the ex Arbonne holding company named Natural Products Group LLC, went bankrupt in 2010… If you want to learn more about this, click on the link:

Who are the founders of Arbonne?

The company was founded in 1975 in the United States by a Norwegian entrepreneur called Petter Mørck. He used to be active in the company until he died in 2008. Petter Mørck’s son is currently Brand Ambassador.

Arbonne is named after a village in Switzerland called Arbon. Petter Mørck worked with a team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists to develop a skincare line that eliminated any commonly used ingredients they found harmful to the skin.

The first headquarters were located in Orem, Utah.

Arbonne MLM had an estimated annual sales revenue of $544 million in 2018.

Its current CEO is Jean-David Schwartz, since june 2018.

The company is based in Irvine, California and it is now operating in 7 different countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan, the UK and the USA. 

Arbonne lawsuit

On May 25, 2017, in Orange County Superior Court, a Texas couple accused Arbonne to be a pyramid system.

The company disputed the Dagnall’s allegations in a statement.

Source :

What is the Arbonne Product Line?

Arbonne’s product line goes from personal skin care products, nutrition and botanically based beauty products.

Arbonne can in some ways be compared to another MLM company called Mary Kay, in the product line as well as in the number of years it have been in business (or almost).  

Arbonne itself emphasizes a healthy living inside and out and claim that their products are pure, safe and beneficial.

They even have a so called “Not Allowed List” of like 2000 ingredients!

Below you’ll find the list of the most popular product categories from Arbonne catalogue:

  • Skincare - Facial cleanser, sunscreen, eye cream, toner, etc 
  • Bath & Body - Essential oil, hand wash, lotion, lip balm, mask, etc. (For 100% natural essential oil, see Young Living)
  • Makeup - Eyeliner, makeup primer, mascara, lipstick, etc.
  • Nutrition - Protein shake, energy sticks, snack bars, immunity booster, etc.
  • Hair - Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair serum, etc.

What is the best Arbonne product?

The best product that put Arbonne on the map is their RE9 Advanced skincare line, with formulas that support healthy aging.  

In 2018, they released a collection of four RE9 Advanced Prepwork products: Cleansing Polish, Hydrating Dew Cream, Gel Eye Masks, and Soft Focus Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen—all vegan, allergy, and dermatologist-tested, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. 

These products are made with a superfood cocktail of ingredients that include vitamins C and E, omegas, and pea protein with antioxidant and phytonutrient properties. 

The goal? To preserve a youthful glow while safeguarding skin from external stressors such as dryness and UV rays.

Perfect for people in their 20s and 30s, before skin is showing the effects of these aging factors.

Should I sell Arbonne products?

If you decide to dive a bit further in the Arbonne business, you will quickly notice their wide range of products are kind of overpriced, and also very common if you compare them to other MLM companies selling the same kind of stuff.

The problem at this point would be how to differentiate Arbonne’s products from others? That’s all the question.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give a clear answer on this… the only way to know, is to try!

Can You Sell Arbonne Products on Ebay and Amazon

MLM Arbonne has entered into agreements with Ebay and Amazon to ensure that Arbonne products are not sold on these marketplaces.
This was agreed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

How ​to make money with Arbonne?

As I said earlier in this review, Arbonne is like Avon, Herbalife, Isagenix or Mary Kay.

If you want to earn money you will have to sell Arbonne’s products and also recruit members and build downline teams.

BUT, there are some requirements of course! Indeed, you’ll have to be good at networking, recruiting and it would be good for you also to know how to leverage the internet to generate leads...

See more : How to become an Arbonne consultant

How much does it cost to join Arbonne?

Before joining the Arbonne business, you will be requested to pay a $79 registration fee that will go along with the starter kit. 

Note that the products are not included so far! So, in addition you will have to buy the products to be able to promote them at home parties for example…

The packs are quite expensive, and you can choose the products you want with a cost that goes from $270 to $500. 

With all that being said, remember also that if you want to earn commissions, you are requested to achieve a monthly order requirement, also called autoship.

What Are the Arbonne MLM Levels 

There five levels in the MLM structure of Arbonne : 

  • Independent Consultants
  • District Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Regional Vice President
  • National Vice President

To reach the higher levels, you must meet the sales volume requirements within a period of 1 to 3 months.

For example, to become a district manager in Arbonne, You must reach 1000 PQV and 6000 SLQV. (See Arbonne success plan for détails).

How many Arbonne consultants are there?

The number of independent consultants at Arbonne is 174,200 in 2018. But only 30,100 received income from the MLM company.(source

Arbonne success plan (Compensation Plan)

The Arbonne success plan sounds quite simple with four ways to earn money:

Client Commissions - This is the retail commissions you earn when you sell products to your clients (35% for normal clients & 15% for preferred customers)

Overrides - This is the commissions you earn based on the performance/sales volume of your downline teams. They depend on rank and are given out as follows.

Mercedez-Benz Cash Bonus - like the “famous” Mary Kay pink Cadillac, offers certain high-performing consultants a bonus that goes toward buying or leasing a Mercedez-Benz. To go further in details, it is a one year lease of a white Mercedez-Benz for distributors with a "Vice President" rank based on his/her team sales.

Other Cash Bonuses - Similar to other MLM, there are various types of bonuses depend on your personal or team sales performance 

In addition to these revenue opportunities in the Success Plan, Arbonne may offer incentives and reward and recognition programs to its independent Arbonne advisors.

Arbonne's Commission Structure Breakdown

Commissions offer consultants a 35% profit on personal retail sales.

This is quite higher than some other similar MLM businesses operating in the same industry. 

Independent Consultants make 6% on personally sponsored recruits who sell more than 500 PQV in a month.

Well, all these elements allows us to say it’s a quite a solid compensation plan.

Arbonne Commission Structure Breakdown

According to Arbonne’s compensation plan, the top 1% earners are making an average annual income of $254,069. Not bad at all!

However, the majority of Consultants are making an average annual income of $674, which isn’t even enough to pay your cable bill. 

See here detailed Arbonne’s compensation plan explanations.

How Much do Arbonne consultant make in United Kingdom?

According their UK income disclosure statement for 2018, The average annual income of Arbonne independents are : 

  • Independent Consultants : £503 / years
  • District Manager : £2004 / years
  • Area Manager  : £10913 / years
  • Regional Vice President : £41336 / years
  • National Vice President : £148391/ years
Arbonne Independent Consultant gain

How Much do Arbonne consultant make in United States?

According their US income disclosure statement for 2018, The average annual income of Arbonne independents are : 

  • Independent Consultants : £503 / years
  • District Manager : £2004 / years
  • Area Manager  : £10913 / years
  • Regional Vice President : £41336 / years
  • National Vice President : £148391/ years
Arbonne Independent Consultant gains in USA

Make more money with Arbonne Host rewards

In order to build your team or to sell more products at Arbonne events, the best strategy is to organize meetings at hosts like Tupperware distributors do (commonly called home parties).
hosts invite their friends and win rewards.
This is a strategy well known to MLM companies.

How to use Arbonne digital toolkit

One of the keys to make money with Arbonne is communication.
Arbonne provides a digital kit to give information to future customers.

You will find in the Arbonne digital toolkit videos, social images, events videos etc..

The best way to use this digital kit is on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Arbonne business ?

What are the pros of the Arbonne business?

The first good point of Arbonne lies in the fact it is in business since 1975. So, you can already call it a legit company as it has real products to sell, a real compensation plan, and experienced people managing the company.

Arbonne is a very well-established and trusted brand with decades of customers built up.

Even if the company has been in bankruptcy in 2010, if it was a total scam or another pyramid scheme, it would have been shut down long ago by the FTC!

Another good point is that success stories does exist at Arbonne. Reviewers share these examples if you go and look on the internet about the company. 

The only thing is that some of these distributors are not necessarily using the common way of doing business. Still they do it legitimately, however they manage to grow their own MLM business. 

Last but not least, Arbonne is accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This shows a clear and legitimate business and people willing to keep the business rolling.

What are the cons of the Arbonne business?

The very first bad point for some would probably be the fact that the company has been in bankruptcy a few years ago. 

For others, the first bad point may be the fact Arbonne requires to recruit massively to get commissions. Well, not surprising as it is nothing else than a typical MLM company. In this way, then it can be called a “pyramid scheme”.

Something else you should be aware of, is that even if Arbonne do have real products to sell, such a business can put you in “trouble” with your friends and family. ‘cause trying to recruit people you know sounds so normal and common.

 But if comes the time when your relationships does not buy anything… well, that’s not good for your own business!

One more bad point, as you could read above, joining Arbonne’s business is quite expensive after all. 

Finally, last but not least, you’ll have to remember that such a business remain quite difficult. Even if some people really succeed, also lots of people fail… I would even say that these people also lose money as you have to spend money in the products to promote them.

Take a look at the income disclosure statement:

  • In 2017, 62% of active Arbonne consultants earn an average of $788
  • In 2017, 28% of active Arbonne consultants earn an average of $3,450

This means 90% of the consultants are not earning an sustainable income.

$3,450 per year is equivalent to only $287,50/month. Not a huge amount, don’t you think?

Is Arbonne a scam?

Arbonne cannot be considered as a scam. it is a real business, with real people. Arbonne was accredited with an A+ by the BBB. So, with all these elements we can say Arbonne is legit.  

Moreover, it has been in business since more than 40 years, and it is also a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association ).

However, as said above, such a MLM business is difficult and require to work very hard to recruit and build teams, and sell products at the same time.

To Conclude

To the question is Arbonne legit, I would say “yes”. You can be part of those who reach great success with the Arbonne program, but remember that chances remain thin.  

To be honest, I do have a business opportunity to recommend. It is called Affiliate Marketing.

You don’t have to recruit people at all to make money, and you have the freedom to promote any product you want without being restricted to only promote the products from the same MLM company.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online.

Check this out!

How we make money online?

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? It may be a serious path you have to consider.

If you are seeking for a successful business to build, where you are able to promote anything you want without testing products nor recruit people, including a great earning potential, I’d rather recommend you Affiliate marketing. 

Reasons are in fact quite simple:

  • You’re free to promote the products or services you want
  • No obligation at all to test any product
  • Affiliate Marketing is totally free
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If you are interested in creating a real business online, discover the easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

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Is Arbonne a scam? The Answer in this Arbonne Review 2019

Is Arbonne a scam? The Answer in this Arbon​​ne Review Hi and welcome to today’s review on the Arbonne business! Hi and welcome on our Arbonne 2019 review!

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