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is 22 minutes to profit a scam ?

Is 22 minutes To Profit a Scam?Why it is Completely Unrealistic 

Hi and welcome on our 22 minutes To profit 2019 review! Today, we are going to answer the question Is 22 minutes To profit a scam? 

Thanks for reaching this page! probabilities are high that someone told you about a nice job opportunity with this program.

Your question at this point may be is 22 minutes to profit just another BS system? If you go through this review, you will be able to read our clear answer.

First, let me start by saying I’m not associated or even working with this company.

I’m just willing to give you an objective opinion on the business opportunity, and try to help you find the best way for you to make money online.

My goal is to try to help you find a legitimate way to make money online as we did!

22 minutes To profit Program Overview

Founder : Mark Stafford

Product Type :  Software

Legit : no

Start Price : $47

Level of difficulty : To be determined

Founder : Thomas and Leslie D. Mower

Product Type :  MLM

Legit : Yes 

Price : $ 399.98

Level of difficulty : High, Overpopulated, Little earning potential

Recommended : No


What is 22 minutes To Profit?

22-Minutes To Profit is a program/sales page or a tool that claims you can make up to USD 500 per day with the system they offer you. The program was released in 2018 by Mark Stafford who is also its CEO.

There is a promotional video in which the spokesman, Mark Stafford, claims he can help/show you how to earn from $300 USD to 500 USD per day. 

The main purpose of the system would be to make affiliate marketing with Amazon, through your own links, and get commissions.

And this is all thanks to this money-making system which has nothing to do with trading or paid services.

22 minutes profit review

22 minutes profit review

How To Earn Money With 22 minutes To Profit?

According to Mark Stafford, the service is focused on affiliate marketing. This means you will have to build a website where you will sell your products. And according to creators of the system, you will learn how to make profit in just 22 minutes, for free. In the video, Stafford says you can earn up to $500 a day.

Now, it is really possible to make an income by selling stuff online, but the way these guys present their program leaves a lot to be desired. This is simply because you cannot make fast cash by selling your own, or other people’s products online, especially where very little effort is required on your part.

How does it work ?

So, which steps would you need to take in order to earn money with the help of this system? As stated it usually starts with an email which will lead you to their website and as soon as you land on the site, you would need to do the following:

Step 1 : The first thing you see on the website is a greeting video and a pop up which asks that you provide your email address. Once you submit your email address, you will be taken to the second page.

Step 2 : The second page is pretty much the same as the first one. You are greeted with a video which tells you how much money you can make, but no exact explanation on what you are purchasing or any other specific details about how the program operates. Next thing you need to do is to buy the software, which costs only $47, and you can start making money.

Step 3 : when you’ll buy the software, you will get a website with products you can offer to people who would like to buy from your website. These products are mainly from Amazon.

Step 4 : You will be requested to become an affiliate member of the website. After you do that, you will receive affiliate links which you will need to plug into your website.

Step 5 : Once you have done all of this, you should drive traffic to your website, so people can visit your links which will take them to Amazon. If they buy something, you get commission through each sale.

Controversies about 22 minutes To Profit

The controversial part about this sales page is that it is completely fake. It is believed that the information they offer is not real.

Website not to be found?!

The website of this system can't be found at all on any search engine. According to our research, different URL are used to promote the 22 minutes to profit program. (the URL   "" actually doesn't work).

Fake articles

The system definitely uses the video of something else to make its own promotion.  

22 minute profit Fake news

Unrealistic Testimonials 

All the videos you'll find about the system will show people promoting the system... but guess what? All these people are actors from Fiverr!

22 minutes profit review
fiverr actor of 22 minutes to profit

And last but not least, it is even said the CEO Mark Stafford, is not a real person. We've tried to seek information about the guy, about the company, just overall information about the business! but we could find absolutely nothing!

What Are The Pros & Cons of 22 minutes To profit?

Pros of 22 minutes To profit

22 minutes to profit seems to use affiliate marketing in its system. In that way I would say it is quite an interesting software. However, the fact nothing could be found on the company, the system or even the CEO, this would lead me to say i'm not quite confident in this system.

Cons of 22 minutes To Profit

Unrealistic Testimonials 

Even though the program looks 100% legit, there are clearly unrealistic testimonials. The testimonials are made by Fiverr actors, and this program has no success stories at all.

Fake articles

Most of the reviews made about the program, claim that the news articles offered on the website are totally fake. As maintained by these sources, the news articles are full of misinformation, fake income reports, fake testimonials, and stock images.

Nonexistent owner? 

According to the video, the owner of the company is Mark Stafford, yet when we did our research, we found no one under that name connected to the program. According to one of our sources, TechMash, it is rather strange that someone who claims to change your life does not reveal any details about his. Logically, that person is not real. Don’t you think?

Is 22 minutes To Profits a scam ?

No matter how much we’d like to make easy cash online, technically it is not achievable. Yes, the part about affiliate marketing and drop shipping is very true, yet it’s not possible to make that much money in one day.

On the report of all the sources we took as leverage, the program indeed is a scam. The fact that there is constant use of fake news articles and success stories raises serious credibility issues. Moreover, they do not give you anything for the money you pay, which means it will provide you with nothing of value.Furthermore, if you buy this program, you will not receive access to the member's area.

This means your questions won’t be answered most likely because these guys don’t provide any real contact.

Finally, 22 Minutes To Profit do not offer a refund, which is one more reason to believe it is a scam.

10 out of 10 sources say they came across other pages similar to this, but they do not consider them as a scam just because they allow you to get a refund.

You have to question yourself about what your main purpose is and I might have the answer to your question.

How we make money online?

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? It may be a serious path you have to consider.

The system does not require to recruit people at all to make money, and you will have the freedom to promote any product you want without being restricted to only promote the products from the same MLM company.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online.

You may not recognize yourself in the paragraphs above, then you better choose an opportunity that fits better to your profile.

If you are seeking for a successful business to build, where you are able to promote anything you want without testing products nor recruit people, including a great earning potential, I’d rather recommend you Affiliate marketing. 

Reasons are in fact quite simple:

  • You’re free to promote the products or services you want
  • No obligation at all to test any product
  • Affiliate Marketing is totally free
  • You earn real money

If you are interested in creating a real business online, discover the easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

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Arnaud & Marion

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