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How to sell Herbalife

How to sell Herbalife : How to become a Herbalife distributor 

Becoming a Herbalife distributor is today a real financial opportunity for those who want to develop a business, have a great autonomy of work and meet many people.

For this reason we give you in this article the keys to successfully sell your Herbalife products online but also offline.

If you want to become a good representative, it is mandatory to understand how you can sell your Herbalife products and recruit your team in order to avoid being in a pyramid scheme.

How to sell Herbalife products

What is Herbalife MLM company?

​Herbalife is a multi-level marketing corporation (MLM) founded in 1980, which is majorly involved in selling products like beauty products, weight management products, nutritional supplements, etc. 

This firm was founded by Mark Hughes, with the headquarters of the company located in California. This MLM is a reasonably large company as they have a network that spans over 93 countries with almost 3.2 million Herbalife distributors. 

Herbalife is listed on the stock exchange and sponsors athletes and sports clubs around the world.

Similar companies are Juice PLUSNature's Sunshine, Usana, and Plexus Worldwide.

Benefit to selling Herbalife?

Benefits to sell Herbalife product as an Independent Distributor are : 
  • An unlimited income opportunity that fits into your life
  • Flexible hours: part time or full time
  • Work from home if you want
  • Earn trips to great vacation destinations
  • Events every year
  • Personal coach, resources and training tools
  • Help others by coaching and supporting people as they achieve healthier, and more active lives
  • Research-proven products developed by leading nutritional scientists and consumed by millions around the world every day

Why should i sell Herbalife?

Selling Herbalife products is an opportunity to earn money and work from home. These are the two main reasons why you should sell Herbalife. Through their website you can find all the information to become a Herbalife distributor.

Generous compensation plan : One of the reasons you would like to become a Herbalife distributor is that they have one of the most advantageous remuneration from direct sales by distributing up to 73% of their income.

Impressive training : All Herbalife distributors benefit from a constant assistant from customer service and other sales representatives. They benefit from exceptional training for helpers to achieve their goal.

Products based on science : The Herbalife product range is developed by world-renowned scientists. As a distributor, selling products that work is mandatory to earn the trust of its customers.

What is the method of Herbalife selling?

Herbalife's sales method is "direct selling" and more specifically multi-level marketing, which consists in selling directly to these customers or through other sales people you recruit.

Direct Product Sales

The first method consists in buying Herbalife's products and selling them to customers through home product presentations, for example. The first customers are often the distributor's close network, i.e. friends, family or neighbors.

The Sales Leadership Process

The second method is to build a sales team. The main purpose for you is to earn money on the sale of these sellers.

How to start selling Herbalife?

To start selling Herbalife products, simply register on their representative page,
then fill in the contact form to finalize your registration or directly on

The site will ask you for your personal information, your availability to contact you and your interest in becoming a Herbalife distributor. Once you complete this form, you will have to wait for someone to contact you.

A local representative will contact you. You will therefore have someone to guide you through the process.

To start selling your Herbalife products, you will have to pay a conversion pack for $59.95.

As a Preferred Member, you can take an online training course on the Herbalife website. These trainings deal with the product lines as well as the methods to effectively sell these products to your future customers.

How Much Do You Make Selling Herbalife?

According the Herbalife's sale and marketing plan the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity and the Sales & Marketing Plan are identical for every Distributor. Each Distributor’s success rely on two primary factors:

• The time, effort and commitment put into the Herbalife Nutrition business

• The product sales made by a Distributor and their downline organization.

Potential gain for a Herbalife distributor

Income Opportunities : The Herbalife Nutrition Sales & Marketing Plan provides many opportunities to earn income and other rewards.

Immediate Retail Profit : 25% to 50% - This is the profit from direct sales to customers.

Wholesale Profit (also known as Commissions) : Up to 25% of Earn Base valueThe difference between what you pay for products and what Distributors in your personal organization pay for products.

Monthly Royalty Override Income : As a Supervisor, you can earn up to 5% on the Earn Base value of the sales from your three active levels of downline Supervisors.

Mark Hughes Bonus : A bonus that eligible President Team members and above may qualify to earn inrecognition of outstanding performance.

Herbalife Distributor Gain in 2018

First year distributor gain : 

  • 50% earned more than $170
  • Top 10% earned more than $900
  • Top 1% earned more than $2940

All other distributors :

  • 50% earned more than $265
  • Top 10% earned more than $3200
  • Top1% earned more than $14270

As explained in the table below in US statement of average gros compensation 2018, there are only 4200 distributors ( 3% of all distributors) out of 136.000 who have earned more than $3200 in 8 months or more for 2018.

Us statement of average gros compensation 2018 information

An important thing to remember is that only 3% of distributors earn more than 900 per month after 6 months of activity and more than 95% of distributors earn less than $265 per month after one year of activity.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Herbalife distributor?

To become a Herbalife Distributor, it is necessary to purchase an International Business Pack (IBP) which costs $59.95.

Each pack contains your identification number to distribute Herbalife nutrition products and log in to your member area.
You officially become a distributor and you can buy products to resell them.

The starter kit to become a Herbalife sales includes sales information, your first order forms, brochures, and access to your personalized Herbalife website. Check the video below.

How to sell Herbalife Online ?

There are 2 ways to sell Herbalife online : The first is to use that is a personnel Herbalife shop where you can sell all catalogue Herbalife product to customer and the second way is create a website for free to promote this shop with our own strategy.


Each Herbalife distributor is given a shop where they can sell Herbalife products direct to friends, family, neighbors and even strangers. People visit your customized website, order products and you earn money.

On your website you can insert your phone number, your picture and your links to social networks. Example of a shop here :

It's a good way for your customers to order Herbalife products. But, the problem is that there is no automatic traffic from google and you will always have to share the link of your shop.

2. Create a website to attract the best customer

To my mind, sharing your pages on social networks is not enough to sell products online. You need a real strategy. The best solution to sell Herbalife products online is to create a website for free. Then, use a good SEO strategy to promote your content.

How to do : 

Step 1 : Create a FREE website in less than 5 minutes

Step 2 : Choose a domain name and theme for your website 

Step 3 : Learn free SEO Strategy to promote your content in 10 lessons

Create a blog to promote your products is the best (free) way to attract long term customers. My best advice to start is to write or make videos of reviews on Herbalife products and other products from competitors.

This way, you'll attract people to your site with good keywords. You can use Google and Pinterest.

3. Use advertising to scale your business

Once you get free daily traffic on your site, it is mandatory to bring back visitors to the blog or Herbalife shop and create a customer base.
With adverts you can easily retarget the traffic from your website and get new customers. 

How to Build a Herbalife customer base ?

An essential part of the success of your business is the creation of a customer base. To do this, you need to communicate effectively with your audience on social networks as facebook, tweeter, and also by email or at your home meetings.

Build a Herbalife customer ​​​​​​​base Off line

Your business card, marketing brochures, catalogues and samples are key elements to make sure people know your business as a Herbalife distributor.

1. The best way to create your customer base is to target your surroundings, i.e. your friends, family and neighbors.

2. Then, knock on doors is an excellent way to get people to know you. You may get some refusals but it is still very effective.

3. Rent a space in a shopping mall or at a kiosk to get a lot of traffic. Also, don't forget career fairs and job fairs.

4. Then at home, try to plan promotional meetings. Plan weekly meetings and invite people at these meetings to organize events at home.

Build a Herbalife customer base Online

The best way to create an online customer base is to get the email from your prospects by providing them with maximum value and advice.

1. Create a pdf, ebook, or video that will solve one of their main problems. For example: how to lose weight in 30 days with Herbalife products.

2. Create a form to get their email.

3. Automate your communication by creating an email sequence to offer more value and make your commercial offers.

How do Herbalife distributor get paid ?

To collect money from your sales, Herbalife uses your shop to transfer funds automatically as soon as you have an associated bank account or prepaid payment card.

Herbalife distributors have commercial advantages by using Propay to collect sales on the shop. Propay also provides Herbalife distributor with business cards.

How to sell Herbalife successfully?

To sell Herbalife products successfully, there are 4 key elements to take in consideration as a representative.

1. Create Excellent Customer Relationships

To create an excellent customer relationship you must have an flawless customer service and become a consultant who brings help and value to his customers.

The quality of your customer relations is essential to have long-term success with Herbalife. Answer all requests as efficiently as possible, have the best customer service ever when you sell your Herbalife products.

Also, become an expert consultant in order to give the best advise to your customers. Knowledge in the fields of nutrition, fitness, cooking will help you to sell Herbalife products more easily.

2. Talk Up Your Business

One of the keys to success is to meet as many people as possible and talk about your company. This will allow you to sell more products.

To do this, you should participate to local events as often as possible and organize meetings. In my opinion, this is the best strategy to succeed as a Herbalife distributor.

3. Recruit Your Own Sales Team

Distributors who make lots of money with Herbalife are those who build a real sales team.

Contact your family and friends to find out who might be interested in selling Herbalife products.

4. Be Your Own Customer

The other key to success as a Herbalife distributor is to use Herbalife products.

To effectively sell your Herbalife products, it is essential to use them. First of all for your credibility in the eyes of your customers but also for your personal knowledge.

The Best Herbalife Alternative to your business

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? It may be a serious path you have to consider.

If you are seeking for a successful business to build, where you are able to promote anything you want without testing products nor recruit people, including a great earning potential, I’d rather recommend you Affiliate marketing. 

Reasons are in fact quite simple:

  • You’re free to promote the products or services you want
  • No obligation at all to test any product
  • Affiliate Marketing is totally free
  • You earn real money

If you are interested in creating a real business online, discover the easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

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