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How To Sell Successfully Forever Living Products

How To Sell Successfully Forever Living Products?

Hello and welcome to our website, in this article we will help you to better sell your Forever products.

This article is for anyone who wants to make money by selling Forever Living products​:
Those who have not yet taken the step to register as an FBO member, those who are starting as a permanent representative, and older representatives who are looking for new ideas to sell.

(We wish to bring the truth through this article. If you find any incorrect information, please let us know in the comments in order to correct it)

How to sell Forever Living Products

What is MLM Forever living ?

Forever Living may be one of the most popular MLM companies worldwide.this company was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan and Carl Jensen. The business is dedicated to health and wellness thanks to aloe-vera based products. The company is currently operating in over 155 countries with more than 9,4 million distributors worldwide.

forever Living logo

The company is also known as “THE aloe-vera company”. It manufactures and distributes all over the world.

Benefits To Selling Forever Living?

There are lots of benefits to selling Forever Living products but for most representatives it's an opportunity to earn money and work from home.

These are the two main reasons why you should sell forever living product. Through their website you can find all the information to become a Forever Business owner.

Check our list of benefits to sell Forever Living products as a Forever Business Owner:

  • Events every year

What is the method of Forever Living selling?

Forever living's sales method is "direct selling" and more specifically multi-level marketing, which consists in selling directly to these customers or through other sales people you recruit.

Direct Produc​t Sales

The first method consists in buying Forever Living's products and selling them to customers through home product presentations, for example. The first customers are often the close network, i.e. friends, family or neighbors.

hand deal

The Sales Leadership Process

The second method is to build a sales team. The main purpose for you is to earn money on the sale of these sellers.

How to start selling Forever Living products?

To start selling Forever Living products, simply register on their opportunity page.
Then start by purchasing one of their packs that can help you jump start your business with a combination of products and business tools.

Process To become an Forever Business Owner (FBO)

The site will ask you for your personal and payment information. Once you complete this form, a local representative will contact you if you are not a sponsor. You will therefore have someone to guide you through the process.

To become a Forever Business Owner (FBO), you must purchase 2 case credits of products or a Start Your Journey PackYou will have to pay a conversion pack between $203 and $306. To start selling successfully, you will need to have (starter) kits that include the products you will need to show. 

As a FBO, you can take an online training course on the Forever website FBO area. These trainings deal with the product lines as well as the methods to effectively sell these products to your future customers.

How to sell Forever Living successfully?

To sell Forever Living products successfully, there are 4 key elements to take in consideration as a Forever Business owner (FBO).

1. Have a good Relationship with your customer

To create an excellent customer relationship you must have a flawless customer service and become a representative who brings help and value to his customers.

The quality of your customer relations is essential to have long-term success with Forever Living . Answer all requests as efficiently as possible, have the best customer service ever when you sell your Forever Living products.

Also, become an expert distributor in order to give the best advise to your customers. Knowledge in the fields of nutrition, skincare, weight management will help you to sell Forever Living products more easily.

Customer relationship process

2. Talk Up Your Business to the greatest number of people

One of the keys to success is to meet as many people as possible and talk about your company to the greatest number of people. This will allow you to sell more Forever Living products.

To do this, you should participate to local events as often as possible and organize meetings. In my opinion, this is the best strategy to succeed as a Forever Business Owner (FBO).

3. Recruit Your Own Sales Team

FBO who make lots of money with Forever Living Products are those who build a real sales team.

Contact your family and friends to find out who might be interested in selling Forever Living products.

4. Good knowledge of the products you sell 

The other key to success as a FBO is to use products.

To effectively sell your Forever products, it is almost mandatory to use them. First of all for your credibility in the eyes of your customers but also for your personal knowledge.

How to sell Forever Online ?

To my mind, sharing your pages on social networks is not enough to sell products online. You need a real strategy.

The best strategy to sell Forever Living products online is to create a website. Then, use a good SEO strategy to promote your content.

1.Use FLP 360°

Each Forever distributor is given a shop where they can sell Forever products direct to friends, family, neighbors and even strangers. People visit your customized website, order products and you earn money. With FLP 360°, here are the key elements you can have:

  • Personal website

More info :

2. Create a website to attract the good customers

Step 1 : Create a FREE website in less than 5 minutes

Step 2 : Choose a domain name and theme for your website 

Step 3 : Learn free SEO Strategy to promote your content in 10 lessons

Step 4 : Create a listing of Forever Living Products and use to get the traffic number of keywords.

Step 5 : Write the best reviews about Forever Products

Create a blog to promote your products is the best (free) way to attract long term customers.


My best advice to start is to write or make videos of reviews on Forever Living products and other products from competitors : Learn strategy Here

This way, you'll attract people to your site with good keywords. You can use Google and Pinterest.

3. Use Social Network

To sell forever products online, it is necessary today to build your customer base on social networks.

On facebook:
Create a page with your name on it and provide as much advice on Forever Living products and create a facebook group to build your customer base.

On Twitter:
Create links to Facebook and your Youtube videos

On Youtube:
Make videos of Forever products

4. Use advertising to scale your business

Once you get free daily traffic on your site, it is mandatory to bring back visitors to the website or and create a customer base.
With adverts you can easily retarget the traffic from your website and get new customers.

Can I sell Forever Living products on Amazon and Ebay?

Forever Business Owner's are prohibited from selling products through, online shopping centres or auction sites, such as eBay or

How to build a Forever Living customer base?

An essential part of the success of your business is the creation of a customer base. To this end, you need to communicate effectively with your audience on social networks as Facebook, Tweeter, and also by email or at your home meetings.

Build a Forever Living customer base Offline

Your business card, marketing brochures, catalogues and samples are key elements to make sure people know your business as a Forever business owner.

Customer base

1. The best way to create your customer base is to target your surroundings, i.e. your friends, family and neighbors.

2. Then, knock on doors is an excellent way to get people to know you. You may get some refusals but it is still very effective.

3. Rent a space in a shopping mall or at a kiosk to get a lot of traffic. Also, don't forget career fairs and job fairs.

4. Then at home, try to plan promotional meetings. Plan weekly meetings and invite people at these meetings to organize events at home.

Build a Forever Living customer base Online

The best way to create an online customer base is to get the email from your prospects by providing them with maximum value and advice. 

1. Create a pdf, ebook, or video that will solve one of their main problems. For example: how to lose weight in 30 days with Forever products.

2. Create a form to get their email.

3. Automate your communication by creating an email sequence to offer more value and make your commercial offers.

4. Use social network, create a Facebook group

How do Forever Business Owners get paid ?

Distributor and retail profits are paid on the 13th or 15th of each month, the 23rd and 25th of each month or the 3rd of the 5th of the following month.

More info :

How much do you make selling Forever Living products?

There is no limit to your earnings when you become a FBO. You can make a lot of money with lots of efforts and time. If you don't want to wait, we know another alternative to this business. Depending on your rank, here is what you can earn:

Forever Compensation 

New FLP distributor : 

  • Each new FLP distributor get 43% retail profit  

Assistant supervisor 

  • 43% retail profit  + 5% bonus 


  • 43% retail profit
  • 8% bonus on personnel retail sales
  • 3% bonus on assistant supervisor

Assistant Manager

  • 43% retail profit
  • 8% bonus on personnel retail sales
  • 5% bonus on supervisor group retail sale
  • 8% bonus on assistant supervisor group retail sale


  • 43% retail profit
  • 18% bonus on personnel retail sales
  • 5% bonus on assistant manager
  • 10% bonus on Supervisor group retail sale
  • 13% bonus on assistant Supervisor  group retail sale
Forever Living marketing plan

Forever Living Income disclosure 2018

According to Forever income disclosure statement 2018 88,6% of purchasers did not receive any commission or revenue.

The remaining 11.4% of buyers earn bonuses based on sales volumes and their sponsorship. Here are the details:

  • 69% of these distributors earned on average $105 per month.
  • 30% earned on average $1 493 per month.
  • <1% earned an average of $28 512 per month

These numbers do not include their profits, any business-related taxes or expenses incurred at the discretion of the Business Owner.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Forever Living Rep?

The almost amazing point of Forever Living, is that unlike other MLM companies, there are no membership fees or equivalent to get started!

You’ll only have to:

  • complete your profile and other personal information on their online application,
  • fill in the ID of the person who recommended you to the Forever Living business (if no sponsor, they will find one for your according to your location.

Then, you’ll be suggested to select your first purchase… OR go on without purchasing anything?! 

That’s just too good to be true… Indeed, if it is free to join, it is not free if you want to become a so called “wholesale qualified” and sell the Forever Living products to make commissions.

To become a Forever Business owner,  you must purchase 2 case credits of products or a Start Your Journey Pack that cost between $87 and $364.

 For those who would like to purchase, here are some information regarding prices:

  • Start Your Journey Business Pak at $253
  • Start Your Journey Skincare Pak at $253
  • Clean 9 Pak - Chocolate Lite Ultra at $87.92
  • Clean 9 Pak - Vanilla Lite Ultra at $87.92
  • Touch of Forever at $364.65

The Best Forever Living Alternative to your business

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? It may be a serious path you have to consider.

If you are seeking for a successful business to build, where you are able to promote anything you want without testing products nor recruit people as Forever Living product MLM, including a great earning potential, I’d rather recommend you Affiliate marketing. 

Reasons are in fact quite simple:

  • You’re free to promote the products or services you want
  • No obligation at all to test any product
  • Affiliate Marketing is totally free
  • You earn real money

If you are interested in creating a real business online, discover the easiest way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

how to sell successfully Forever Living Products

How To Sell Successfully Forever Living Products?Hello and welcome to our website, in this article we will help you to better sell your Forever products.Th

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