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​​​​How To create a free website in affiliate marketing in less than 5 minutes

Start a blog is one of the best Legitimate Online Work At Home Jobs That Pay Well and today, the best way to create a free website in affiliate marketing is by using Siterubix. This is from far the best solution to learn affiliate marketing with WordPress, without having to invest all your money.

Your website is almost done automatically in a few minutes, you are not required anymore to put lots of time in codifications and other tricky technical issues. This enables you to spend your time on the  most important aspects of your website, like the content and your strategy.

Siterubix was optimized by, which provides you with trainings, support and specific marketing tools.

Welcome guys in a world where internet and blogging can both make you quit your job in just a few months! We are Arnaud and Marion, the founders of BMM and we really hope we can help you make money online thanks to affiliate marketing.

Pay close attention all along this article, we may have a little something for you that could really help you being successful!

If I can give you some advice: try not to click directly on the links you will see while reading this article, try to remain concentrated instead. You will find all the links at the very end of this page.

1)What is the best way to create a free website in affiliate marketing?

There are 2 ways of creating a free website (or blog). The long way (takes a few hours), and the short way (less than 5 minutes).

If you are a beginner in the creation of a website, you’ll first have to identify the different steps. Note, that I’ve been through all this myself and I’m far from being an HTML expert…

In short, you need:

  • a domain name (this is nothing more than the name of your site (approx. $15/year, hosting included)
  • A host (bluehost for example)
  • A CMS module (WordPress is the most commonly used)
  • A few plugins to improve your site
  • A theme to highlight your site and make it look more professional (there are more than 3000 on Siterubix)

Step 1: The manuel version

In a most common way, we would normally need to watch and re-watch a lot of tutorials in order to understand all this stuff surrounding blogging. Sometimes we also need to invest lots of money!

Well, you know what? I can suggest you to not invest one single cent in all this, until you make some revenue! Your money should only be invested in actions that will help you save some precious time, improve your knowledges and improve your website.

Step 2 :The  automatique version

After having spent hours seeking for information on the internet, I finally found tools that enables anyone to create a website without investing money at all! I use Siterubix via Wealthy Affiliate. Building this site (that you are currently reading!) took me 5 minutes, and if you are ready for it, I can show you how to do the same.


2)Where Can i Create a Free Website in Affiliate Marketing?

As i said earlier, the best way to start a free website in affiliate marketing is by using This site shows you for free how to make money online. By following their 10 step by step videos, you will be able to build your website on WordPress and make money in the niche you like without investing anything! This is exactly what I did! If you don’t have much time, I can already suggest you to start creating your site HERE.

Creating your website via Wealthy Affiliate, will give you access to:

To get access to the videos, you need to create your logins. This is mandatory in order to make your site secure. Once you get your logins, you will discover 10 videos that will teach you how to create your blog on a first hand, and help you understand affiliate marketing on a second hand.

See a quick overview of what you are about to discover.

These trainings are made of video content and articles. You will be provided with a checklist to validate all the steps. You’ll see! the courses are fun and easy for those who are willing to create their free website in affiliate marketing.

3)How to create my free website ?

Step 1 : Get connected to SiteRubix

First of all, choose the name of your site. The example below shows

Site Rubix

Step 2 : What kind of website do you want to build ?

There are 3 main possibilities:

  • A free domain with : This would be my recommendation in order not to spend any cent.
  • Own domain
  • A domain without : This is also something I highly recommend as soon as you are making revenue. This is a way to protect your site by purchasing your own domain name (between $10 and $15/year). Ex:

Step 3 : Choose a domain name

Site rubix process

Step 4 : Enter a title for your website

Step 5 : Choose a theme for your website

start a website with site rubix

Step 6 : Click on the blue button "Login Now"

Site rubix login

Step 7 : Your Site is ready on WordPress

Wordpress with Siterubix

Well! That’s it guys! In less than 5 minutes you’ve created a website! From now on, you only need to insert plugins in order to improve the performances of your website. Here you will find a list of essential tools to create your website (still all free!!).

4) 10 free lessons to create a free website in affiliate marketing

Affiliate bootcamp details Here

5)How to make money with affiliate marketing ?

Step By Step Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing​?

Affiliate Marketing process

Well, affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and also one of the most popular ways people make money online. It is more simply the process of generating a sale and earning a commission by promoting another person’s or company’s product or service to potential customers.

In the case of blogging, the blogger will become an affiliate of a specific company and make money from being an affiliate by placing an affiliate link or button within his blog posts that will lead the readers or potential customers to that product or service.

The main strategy with Wealthy Affiliate is to make affiliate marketing with a content that includes articles and videos, and to be well ranked on Google. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

For example: You are writing a post about « How to create a free website in affiliate marketing » (as this article you are now reading). People that will be seeking for information about this on the internet, should be able to find your post. Keep in mind: if there is little competition on the subject you are tackling, and if you have a high quality content, then it will be easy to be well ranked!

You will find lots of guides dealing with ranking. I do recommend « The beginners guide » on the MOZ website.

In order to get a money making website, you have to attract as much people as you can on your affiliate links.

The best way to attract people on your website is to give them what they want. There are plenty of researches every day on search engines. Most of the time, people are looking for information about a product, about a company or just about how to do some specific things…

The strategy in affiliate marketing consists in giving people the information they want and integrate your affiliate link in your content at the same time. The more lucid your content will be for people, the better it will be…

See the example below with camping stuff:

Affiliate link

6)What is the best Affiliate Marketing Strategy ?

1- Reviews strategy

According to, 92% of people need to have a clear opinion before purchasing anything.

The most commonly used method in affiliation is to give your opinion about a product through a review, and to insert at the same time your affiliate link. You will find plenty of videos on Youtube or on blogs dealing with a product and a link that enables you to purchase the product. Most of the time, it is an affiliate link!

A large number of people use Amazon. If you do have a blog dealing with cooking for example, you can easily talk about a cooking robot or another kitchen tool. The purpose is to talk about the benefits of using this product through a video or an article, and to indicate where people can buy this great product thanks to your Amazon affiliate link. You can do this on dozens of products and generate passive income!

2-"Step by Step" or tutoriel Strategy

Another strategy that works very good too, is to use tutorials to explain people how to manage to do something.

Tutorials, technical tools or a simple marketing strategy like the one you are reading now, are the best ways to use affiliate marketing.

One thing you should be clear about is, when you use an affiliate link, there are no extra costs for the customer! The only point is that YOU are in the heart of a transaction and you earn a commission for having led the customer to purchase a product. This is a good way to monetize your work on your blog without any additional costs for your customer.

3- Others strategy 

  • Make interviews or webinars and promote the products.
  • Offer some bonus to an existing offer and insert your affiliate link (examples: guides, blueprint, mind mappings, pdf, videos, coaching…)

 4- Where to find affiliate products ? 

The opportunity to sell anybody’s product can be found almost everywhere! Most of the time, you will notice a link called « affiliate program » at the very bottom of a website. This enables you to find any product in any niche.However, it may be a bit easier to use dedicated platforms (like Amazon, Maxbounty…) that give complete lists of products to promote.Here you’ll find the list of platforms I recommend : 
  • Amazon
  • Maxbounty
  • Adcombo
  • Sharesale
  • Clickbank

7)The Good Mindset To create a Free Website in Affiliate Marketing?

Mindset Tips

I’ve been working in online marketing for 3 years now and I can assure that a great mindset is mandatory in the creation of a website. You have to think like an entrepreneur and you need to have a good state of mind. Making money online is a real job and it requires tenacity and patience to reach your purpose.

Take your time to fully understand each step, and make sure you go through them one by one. Read and watch the courses as frequently as needed. As soon as your site is ready, you can move to the second step: monetize your website through affiliate links.

Before starting your website and after having watched all 10 courses:

Find your « WHY »:

Making your own revenue thanks to your website in order to make your life better is possible! But you have to do it with good intentions. It is essential to know why you are creating a website. Is it to help other people? Try and learn new things and become an expert in your field? Want to pass on a specific knowledge?

Finding your real motivation will help you never give up!

Make a plan and keep your ideas:

Use Evernote: This tool is the most frequently used by bloggers, as it enables you to write down your ideas, make « to do lists

», make action plans and share it with other people.

The real advantage of this tool, is that each amendment made to your notes is synchronized at the same time with your other devices. This means you can adjust things on your mobile without having to amend the same on your laptop or tablet.

Stay focus : 

The most important is to stay focus  on this strategy, as it really works! Check out the results of people that are using Wealthy Affiliate.

Jerry report : $6.2K Month - October 2018 Monthly Update!

Once more, you have to be aware that this business requires efforts and hard work at the very beginning (but it is worth the efforts, believe me!). Keep in mind also that if you are willing to develop your business at a higher level later on, then you may have to invest some money to get some specific tools that will for sure help you (more productivity, learn new strategies…)

But from now on, you can start working on affiliate marketing for free, this is just ideal! Don’t you think? 

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Our main purpose is to pass on our knowledge and help people developing their own website. In order for us to improve our approach, please tell us if this article was helpful. If not, feel free to ask questions or leave your comments in the box below!


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​​​​How To Create A Free Website In Affiliate Marketing

​​​​How To create a free website in affiliate marketing in less than 5 minutes Start a blog is one of the best Legitimate Online Work At Home Jobs That Pay

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