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ACN MLM Review 2019

ACN MLM review 2019

Welcome to our 2019 review of ACN.

You have certainly heard about this MLM company through your friends or family explaining that it is possible to earn money by using your phone, watching TV or surfing the internet.

And if someone close to you has not yet tried to sell you their service, it is possible that Donald Trump has if you were watching The Apprentice.

Let me start by saying that I am not a partner or even working with ACN.
This 2019 ACN review is intended to give you objective information based on facts and sources to avoid scams or pyramid schemes and thus find the legitimate MLM company that will allow you to make money.

What is ACN MLM ?

ACN (American Communications Network) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) American telecommunication company, one of the largest in the world. Though, they also offer energy and merchant services to customers in over two dozen countries.

Like most MLMs, ACN's fortunes are tied to the numerous independent sellers the company uses to market and sell its products.

While some have accused them of running a pyramid scheme, the company has actual products and services that they sell to earn a profit. This gives them added legitimacy. 

ACN MLM logo

A Brief History Of When ACN MLM Started

When it first opened its doors in 1993, ACN worked for LCI Communications as a long-distance reseller.

By the time Qwest communications acquired LCI, ACN had become one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Tony Cupisz, Greg Provenzano, Mike Cupisz, and Robert Stevanovski are credited as ACN's co-founders.

After a series of unexpected meetings, the foursome realized that, with the sales experience between them, there was little point in pursuing the job opportunities offered by other companies when they could start their own firm, a venture that could offer essential services to the common man.

Greg and his comrades still stand at the helm of ACN, overseeing every facet of the business' operations.

The most notable aspect of ACN is its relationship with President Donald Trump. His association with the company began in 2006. Besides making appearances in promotional videos, Trump made millions from the speeches he gave at ACN events.

But once he announced plans for his candidacy, Trump immediately distanced himself from the company.

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What Are ACN MLM products and services?

ACN offers two types of services, namely:

1) Residential

Under this umbrella, ACN provides data bundles, Satellite TV, Gas, Electricity, wireless services, security and automation, high-speed internet, and home phone services.

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2) Business

Under this umbrella, the company also provides wireless services, satellite TV, security and automation, gas, electricity, and payment processing. 

ACN's offers are quite wide-ranging. They are categorized as a telecommunication company because of their VoIP products and high-speed internet but they spend as much time catering to small businesses via their merchant services.

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What is ACN MLM Offer ?

You can join ACN's ranks as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). By selling the company's services, you can earn a commission on the sales you make, bonuses on the IBOs you recruit, and commissions on the sales they make.

ACN's MLM offer doesn't differ that drastically from other MLMs. They offer products and services for sale but most of your money is earned from the people you recruit.

ACN MLM Customer Reviews has several reviews from satisfied customers. They joined the ACN MLM program and not only did they profit from their investment but they grew as individuals, gaining confidence and acquiring leadership skills. They describe the ACN IBO program as a life-changing tool.

ACN customer reviews from trustpilot

On the other hand, BBB has so many complaints from the people who use their products and services. Apparently, ACN has horrible customer service. They are never available when you need them and even when they answer the phone, they take longer than is convenient to provide solutions. 

Many customers claim that ACN's services were adequate at the start. But over time, the quality deteriorated for unclear reasons. 

ACN MLM Controversies

ACN drew the ire of the Bureau of Consumer Services (Pennsylvania) when consumers accused the company of switching their services without authorization. They were also accused of overcharging customers. That was in 2002. ACN was able to settle the case.

In 2019, Donald Trump and his children were sued for their involvement with ACN's operations. They were charged with fraud and false advertising. 

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How to Earn Money With ACN MLM?

To make money from ACN, you must first join their program, a prospect that isn't cheap:

Step 1. First of all, you need to pay a $499 application fee. This is mandatory.

Step 2. Paying this fee makes you an ACN independent contractor, not an employee. It also earns you a website that you can use to sell ACN products to the people you recruit. 

Step 3. While the $499 is a one-time application fee, you must pay an annual $149 renewal fee.

Step 4. If you have the money, you can also spend $39.99 every month on a business assistant. None of this includes the cost of periodic ACN training sessions and online meetings. 

ACN commission plan

When it comes to earning money from ACN, there are three main ways, namely:

1) Personal Residuals

As an IBO, you are expected to recruit customers for the company. Every time your customers pay their monthly bills, you earn a commission ranging from 1 to 10 percent. The more customers you have, the more money you will make each month.

2) Overriding Residual Commissions

You will also earn commissions on the monthly bills paid by the people your customers recruit and the people that these people recruit down the line and so on...

Starting from the customers immediately before you, there are about seven descending levels from which you can earn a total of 23 percent in commissions. 

3) Acquisition Bonus

You can earn a one-time bonus on the IBOs you recruit as long as they level up within the first month. Bonuses range from $90 to $275.

There is no way of knowing how much money you can make in the long run. ACN has chosen to keep those figures to themselves. 

But their website warns potential IBOs that success is not guaranteed. They are not wrong. Only a few IBOs at the top secure massive earnings from ACN's program.
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Pros : Why choose ACN MLM?

1) The business is more than two decades old. ACN has a lot of experience in the Telecommunications industry.

2) ACN offers a wide variety of services. It also has customers in over two dozen countries. 

3) They have a BBB rating of A+

Cons : Why not join ACN MLM

1) The cost of joining is too high.

2) ACN's Customer Service is horrible.

Is ACN MLM a Scam?

People think that ACN is a scam because they are convinced that it is a pyramid scheme. But that isn't true.

Pyramid schemes rely solely on recruitment to make money. ACN has actual services that it sells to make money. They are an MLM which makes them legal.

They are not a scam. Their BBB rating should tell you as much. However, you shouldn't rely on them to make money. The chances that you will get rich are very thin. 

The Best Alternative to ACN MLM

Nowadays both MLM and ACN companies have a costly business model with no guarantee of success.

Moreover, the many controversies about these MLM companies do not allow consumers to be reassured before engaging in a business.

If you are looking for a better alternative to ACN MLM, where you are able to promote everything you want without testing products or recruiting staff, including a substantial earning potential, I would recommend affiliate marketing instead.

The reasons are actually quite simple:

  • You are free to promote the products or services you wish
  • No obligation to test a product
  • Affiliate marketing is completely free of charge
  • You earn real money
ACN MLM review 2019 – “an opportunity of a lifetime”!

ACN MLM review 2019 Welcome to our 2019 review of ACN. You have certainly heard about this MLM company through your friends or family explaining that it is

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